Goshenite for New Moon in Virgo 9-5-13

Goshenite for New Moon in Virgo 9-5-13
Goshenite brings Light to the physical body for transformation on all levels!

Greetings, Beloved GemPowerment Family!

With this New Moon in Virgo, it is a time for us to concentrate on paying attention to the details of how and what you are creating and make a new Action Plan. Virgo is a sign of service and healing and this we must do if we are to take our proper place in creating our new communities, our new companies, and our new planet. Are we doing the work on the quantum level that matches what we are doing at the 3D level? Are our thoughts matching our actions, and vice versa? On a physical level are we balancing the care for our bodies and making time for our own healing with caring for others? When we do care for ourselves, it is eating Light-filled foods, getting proper exercise (meaning you are present in your body during the activity and it’s not too much for your adrenals, but enough for cardio and strength), being with Nature, and doing our releasing work to free ourselves from trapped e-motions and outdated belief systems?

Goshenite is the purest form of Beryl (Be3Al2SiO6 )  and brings clarity and Truth for those who are seeking it. It is a high vibration stone as well, and clears  and energizes all the upper Chakras. Goshenite can facilitate conscious connection with one’s High Self and assist in aligning with that energy on a more regular basis so that our 3D ego-based choices and perspectives will not hold sway in the fore of our thinking and belief patterns any longer. Goshenite is also a stone of persistence, and I believe it has come forward as an homage to Lightworkers and all that Humanity has achieved, what we have become, and where we are now headed. On a personal note, this is one of my favorite gemstones of the Crystal Realm, as it bequeaths its Light with that gorgeous hexagonal geometry endemic to the Beryl family, which is the frequency of the Merkaba  – chariot of creation and of Divine Love.  How perfect that Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac to match this gorgeous gemstone’s hexagonal structure! This is, incidentally, very close to the disbursement of rays of the sun or any light source when you capture it on film, and of the formation of snowflakes, which always have six points.

This may seem like I am talking about two different subjects; at once the physical and then Light from the Universe. That’s the crux of the issue: they are one and the same. The irony is that when we bring light and consciousness to our physical bodies, we are changing on all levels. It is actually through the physical body, in concert with our optimized mental and emotional bodies, that we are able to actualize the full shift into 5D and quantum health and creation. Our DNA is affected by the Light and also by our thoughts and emotions, and thus what presents in this physical body.  We will not reach Ascension and all that means by ignoring our physical selves.

The Deva of Goshenite says, “It is my Joy to enlighten YOU on all levels as I am a transmitter of the Light Codes from Source that can activate your latent cellular structure. I have made myself available because, now more than ever, you and your Light need to come shining forth to create the New Earth. Peace Be With You, and remember to honor yourselves as the magnificent Beings you are. This includes honoring your (physical) bodies as they carry you in your earthly lives.”

Guidance suggests keeping a raw Goshenite near your bedside table or in your pillow to work with you during the night for the next three days. In that time, create a plan for yourself to follow for the next 6 months to accomplish this level of self-care and be as specific as you can. We often put this as a last priority, but Goshenite is teaching us we’ve had things backwards!

With All My Love in Divine Service,

Lisa – GemPowerment Gemagician and Advocate for YOUR Quantum Wellness

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