White Calcite for Harvest Full Moon in Pisces 9-19-13

Oneness starts with a Sacred Relationship with Self.
Oneness starts with a Sacred Relationship with Self.

Greetings Beloved GemPowerment Family and once again Happy Full Moon! It is a last chance for completion, celebration, imagination, and clarity on the pendulum swing of the seasons before we are forced to re-balance at the Equinox on September 22nd when the Sun moves into Libra. With the Moon in Pisces relationships are on the dissection block and Sun in Virgo is holding the scalpel. This Full Moon in Pisces is an opportunity to work on our Sacred Relationship with Self. How can we be more compassionate and forgiving with ourselves? How can we dream up the perfect blend of perceptive self-awareness and gentle acceptance for all the things we are, aren’t, and might be?

Let’s talk about Calcite. For those of you who have been following these posts, you know that Calcite is a powerful auric cleanser and multi-dimensional stone. You may also know that there are many forms of Calcite – over 300 of them – that vary in shape, crystalline matrix, origin, and color, but all have the same chemical composition. What if we were like Calcite? In one dimension we are Aragonite. In another dimension we are Pearl, in another Green, Orange, Red, Gray, Blue, Yellow, White, or Clear/Iceland Spar Calcite. This is an perfect example of how we can be many things but at the core are the same. What would it be like if we could touch all these dimensions simultaneously to feel the Oneness of who we are? If this concept confuses you, here’s a little video from last night’s America’s Got Talent to illustrate this beautifully!


The Grand Planetary Stone Council is inviting you to a multi-dimensional mixer for the 3 Full Moon Nights (9/18 – 9/20) for all your many Selves to get to know each other and White Calcite is your admission ticket. Take a cleared and programmed White Calcite of any size or shape, and place it near your bed. You will have programmed it with the intention for all your multi-dimensional Selves to meet during your dreamtime over these three nights. You may want to keep a dream journal next to your bed to record any thoughts or memories you have immediately upon waking.

The GPSC says, “You now (in this time and planetary energy) have the ability to cross through time and space and all the dimensions. Part of getting back to Oneness is integrating your Whole Self. This is the first step (in understanding the process) of integration with others in your Soul families and Star families.”  Have a great time at the party, GemPeeps!

Lovingly Submitted,

With Love,

Lisa – Gemagician and Advocate for Quantum Wellness

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